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Men's wallet I am Czech

  • 1119 Kč

We wanted a product that we could use every day to show that we love the Czechs. It combines a reference to original Czech craftsmanship, the smell of leather, but also gentle production and quality. This men's wallet does it all. Elegant minimalist design, the inscription I am Czech and an interesting detail of a small Czech flag on the side seam - the men's wallet will become an indispensable accessory for every modern Czech. It will delight as a gift for loved ones, but you can also make yourself happy with it. It will serve and look great for many years thanks to its timeless design. Card wallets are handmade for you in the Czech Republic with reference to the original craftsmanship.

Leather: beef

Colour: black

Size: 12 x 9,2 cm

Arrangement: 4 pockets for cards, one hidden compartment for notes or documents, separate compartment for coins

Specification: small Czech flag sewn into the front, I am Czech on the front

Packaging: tissue paper, gift box

Handmade in the Czech Republic

Table of sizes

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