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Bata T-shirt

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The idea of three siblings from Zlín conquered the world. In 1894, Anna, Antonín and Tomáš Bat'a founded a company that revolutionised the shoe industry. The motif of the T-shirt is a Bata advertising poster from the 1970s, designed for the Swiss market, where the company's European headquarters is currently located.

Not long after the founding of Bata, the youngest Tomáš, a visionary and entrepreneur in body and soul, took over the company. And he came up with a new trend - Bata shoes. The cheap canvas shoes were affordable even for poorer people and their production was fast. They were light and machine-made, a breakthrough in shoemaking, a modernisation of the industry. The increase in the production of Bata shoes was enormous, with 205 employees producing more than 2,200 pairs a day. For adhering to the motto "Our customer, our master."

Bata then expanded into the world, adapting to World War I, founding cities, schools, hospitals. But in 1932, founder Tomas Bata dies in a plane crash and the company is taken over by his heirs. Bata continues to expand, focusing on areas other than footwear, and after the communist takeover in Czechoslovakia, he settles in Canada. In 1990, Bata returns to Czechoslovakia and reestablishes its lines there as well.

Table of sizes

Velikost A - šířka B - délka C - délka rukávu
S 49 69 20,5
M 52 72 21,5
L 55 74 22,5
XL 58 76 22,5
XXL 61 78 23,5

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velikost S,M,L,XL
barva bílá
gramáž 180 g/m2
složení 100% organická bavlna
střih unisex
Štítky bílé, první republika
Kateřina M.

Josef H.

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