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Božena - women's tričko black

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The legendary Grandma, but also fairy tales such as The Seven Raven's Tales, The Princess with the Golden Star on Her Forehead or The Clever Highlander, as well as dozens of short stories and other texts. This and much more was left behind by the writer and patriot Božena Němcová. The national patroness went through everything from life in the countryside, to an active social life in the vicinity of artists, an unhappy marriage, the tragic death of a child and poverty, to severe illness. All of these things shaped her strong personality and helped her leave behind a legacy that endures more than 150 years after her death. Rural life, travelogues of her surroundings and the relationship between common people and the nobility feature prominently in her work. During the 20th century, Němcová's legacy became an inspiration to many Czech artists, such as Jaroslav Seifert and Vítězslav Nezval. However, the personality of the writer and her work were later also appropriated by the ruling ideology as a precursor of socialist ideas. Her books were included in compulsory school reading, where they persist to this day, and so most people know this extraordinary woman "only" as the author of Grandma. The writer's personality, her fate and other works have thus receded into the background. One of the first writers of the national revival, an educated woman, a mother, a socially engaged personality and a patriot - that is all Božena Němcová was. The unusual motif of the T-shirt with the portrait of this extraordinary woman is thus a symbol of emancipation, education and national pride, as well as admiration for the work of the writer.

100% organic cotton

Weight: 155 g/m2

Round neck, narrow neckline, slightly fitted cut
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