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Gustav - men's

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Gustav Frištenský was a Czech wrestler in Greco-Roman wrestling. He won 10,000 matches in his lifetime and became both amateur and professional European champion. The motif that you can see on the T-shirt was painted in 1910 by the academic painter Kamil Muttich. T-shirts that will make you feel strong and invincible are sold in cooperation with the Gustav Fristensky Society. Gustav Frištenský was born in 1879, originally worked as a butcher and wrestled as a member of sports clubs as an amateur. He did not attend German clubs, but exclusively Czech clubs and Sokol. After winning the amateur European championship in Rotterdam, he had to leave the butchery, he could not find a job and so he started to play the sport professionally. He also starred in two films, performed in a circus, was active in the resistance during World War II, and was even about to be deported to a concentration camp. After the war, he donated money to gendarmerie widows. In 1957 he died in Litovel, where he has a grave and a statue in front of the local sokolovna.

100% organic cotton

Weight: 155 g/m2

Round neck, narrow neckline
The photo shows the T-shirt in size 5 mm. M
You can also check the dimensions of the T-shirt in the size chart


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