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Sweatshirt RAF Discount

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RAF. Royal Air Force. Royal Air Force of Great Britain. Why is it important for Czechs (but also Slovaks)? Courageous Czechoslovak men, top pilots, dedicated soldiers, but also reliable trainers and respected officers, they were all members. The Czechoslovaks had an outstanding reputation in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, often sacrificing their family lives and travelling to foreign lands to defend not only Czechoslovakia or Great Britain, but the whole of Europe against the expanding Third Reich. Of the nearly 2,500 Czechoslovak RAF members, more than 500 did not see the end of the war and died fighting for freedom.

After returning to their homeland, the war veterans and heroes had to deal with the communist regime. If they did not emigrate, they were interrogated and imprisoned, most often for alleged espionage for the Western powers, and their families were persecuted. It was not until the 1990s, more than 45 long years after the end of the war, that these airmen received recognition and rehabilitation.

Some 1,200 Czechoslovak men flew in the RAF and every one of them deserves our recognition. However, the space of the T-shirt does not allow us to mention all of these heroes, so the typography pays tribute to the most famous RAF fighter pilots. Emil Boček, František Fajtl, Karel Kuttelwascher or Alois Vašátko are just some of the 90 names you can proudly wear on your T-shirt.

The author of the typography is Karolína Pucholtová, who, among other things, designed the popular T-shirts with the motifs Gočár or Venus.

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velikost S,M,L,XL
barva černá
gramáž 350 g/m2
střih unisex
složení 85 % organická bavlna, 15 % recyklovaný polyester
Štítky totalita
Kateřina H.

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