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Civic Forum - Women's

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Two days after the Velvet Revolution, as early as 19 November 1989, a movement was founded that rejected the totalitarian communist regime and aimed to engage in dialogue with the representatives of the authorities, to become the opposition to the National Front. The Civic Forum was founded. The initial declaration of the movement was written by Václav Havel, it was founded in the Drama Club and included personalities from the left and the right. The logo was created by Pavel Št'astný, a graphic designer who was just starting out. The main representatives of the movement included Václav Havel, Petr Pithart and Jan Urban, among others. The Forum sovereignly won the 1990 elections, but its future orientation was not clear. Over time, disagreements arose within the Forum, and instead of transforming the movement into a political party, the Civic Forum disbanded in 1991.

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