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T-shirt Palach - men

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"One must fight against the evil that is enough." Jan Palach's life was short, but he made an indelible mark on the consciousness of all Czechs. On 16 January 1969, at the age of twenty-one, he set himself on fire to protest against the suppression of freedom and the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops. Every year we commemorate the anniversary of his act. His portrait on the T-shirt shows that we do not forget the past and his act.


Jan Palach was born in Všetaty and studied history and political economy at Charles University in Prague. After the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops in 1968, he participated in a number of protests and criticized the inactivity and resignation of society. Following the example of Buddhist monks, he poured incendiary liquid on the upper part of Wenceslas Square, set himself on fire and ran. People put it out and Palach was taken to hospital, where he died three days later. His funeral on 25 January became a major protest action by tens of thousands of people against the occupation. The series of demonstrations and protests against the regime that took place from 15 to 21 January 1989 are known as Palach Week.

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velikost S,M,L,XL
barva bílá
gramáž 180 g/m2
složení 100% organická bavlna
střih unisex
Štítky bílé, hrdinové, totalita
Petr .

Eliška K.

Michael D.

Krásné a šik


Antonie B.

Kateřina J.

Eva .

Petr A.

Skvělá grafika a kvalita trička

Petr S.

Michal G.

Tomas H.

Kvalitní materiál, i potisk.

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