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Poster Špála

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One of the most sought-after Czech modern artists. This was Václav Špála, an academic painter, illustrator and graphic designer. His 1928 painting Měsíčky / Moonflowers in typical Špála shades of blue can now be seen on this premium poster. Václav Špála was born in 1885 and came from a family of brickmakers from the village of Žlunice. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, but had to leave due to high absenteeism. Špála had tuberculosis and often stayed outside Prague. His work is influenced by Fauvism, but mainly by Cubism. He often reached for a combination of two balancing colours - cool blue and warm red. In his later years he painted mainly landscapes, bouquets and still lifes. He was a member of the Mánes Association of Visual Artists, Tvrdošíjné and a co-founder of the Group of Visual Artists. He wrote, for example, for Přítomnost and Český slovo. He also fought in the First World War, after which he married and had a son Jan, also a painter. In 1945 he was awarded the title of National Artist, and died the following year.

Size: A3

paper weight: 300 g/m2

type: premium paper, matt, textured

packaging: in white cardboard envelope

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Štítky špála
Petr H.

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