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Who doesn't know a Zetor? The Brno tractor brand was founded after World War II and is still one of the world's top agricultural brands. For all farmers and technology lovers, we have a T-shirt with the motif of the Zetor Model SUPER 35/50 tractor, which was produced between 1955 and 1968. The author of the advertising poster from 1961 is Czech industrial designer and graphic artist František Kardaus. The Zetor brand produces tractors from 15 to 171 horsepower, gave the world tractor safety cabs and has its own museum in Brno, the Zetor Gallery. It was founded as part of Zbrojovka Brno and today it is represented in North America, Great Britain, France, Poland and even in India and other countries. The vast majority of the tractors produced go abroad, often to Great Britain, Ireland, Lithuania or France. And why the name Zetor in the first place? Simple - "Zet" as the first letter from Zbrojovka, "or" from the word tractor.

Size: A3

paper weight: 300 g/m2

type: matt, textured

packaging: in white cardboard packaging

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