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Polo shirt with flag - grey

  • 199 Kč
  • 399 Kč
4.7 z 6 recenzí

Your style is more elegant and you don't feel comfortable with lettering and prints? A polo shirt with minimalist embroidery of the Czech flag gives you the opportunity to show that you like the Czechs in style. Embroidery with the flag certainly doesn't mean you should only wear a polo shirt on standing holidays or important days. It's great for everyday wear, to work, with trousers and shorts. A decent polo shirt made of quality material is suitable for almost any occasion.

100% organic structured cotton

Weight: 230 g/m2

loose fit
The photo shows a men's T-shirt in size. M
You can also check the dimensions of the T-shirt in the size chart


Tabulka velikostí

Objednávku (v ČR) Vám dodáme do 5 pracovních dní. Nejčastější doba dodání je 2 dny od objednání. Nejrychlejší dodání je na výdejny Zásilkovny.

velikost S,M,L,XL,XXL
barva šedá
gramáž 230 g/m2
složení 100% organická bavlna
střih pánský
Monika K.

Helena N.

Taťána N.

Božena O.

Petra P.


Jan K.

Tadeáš J.

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