Anthropoid bag

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We are Czechs! We will never give up, you hear? Never!" - these were the last words of the paratroopers, which sounded from the crypt of the Orthodox Church of St. Cyril and Methodius in Prague's Resslova Street, where on 18 June 1942 seven Czechoslovak paratroopers defended themselves against 800 Nazi soldiers. On 27 May, the brave paratroopers, led by Jan Kubiš and Jozef Gabčík, successfully assassinated the acting Reich Protector in Bohemia and Moravia, who was considered one of the main architects of the Holocaust and was known for his cruelty. After a seven-hour battle, all the paratroopers were dead. Operation Anthropoid became one of the most important actions of the resistance against the Nazi regime during World War II. Although the operation had deadly consequences for many innocent people, it is considered a symbolic act of resistance against Nazi terror.

Tabulka velikostí

Objednávku (v ČR) Vám dodáme do 5 pracovních dní. Nejčastější doba dodání je 2 dny od objednání. Nejrychlejší dodání je na výdejny Zásilkovny.

gramáž 185 g/m2
velikost 45x40
barva béžová
složení 100% bavlna
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Perfektní motiv!

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super, citát mi mluví ze srdce!

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Mohla byt take trochu vetsi


Také super,pro dceru.

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