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TGM - comics

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Publisher: ARGO Number of pages: 110

Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk in a 100-page biographical comic book is published on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the death of our most important statesman of the 20th century. The comic traces Masaryk's public and private life and focuses on the key events that led him to the pinnacle of his career as the first president of independent Czechoslovakia.

We begin before his birth and follow him through his childhood, adolescence and studies. A significant turning point in Masaryk's life comes with his arrival at the University of Prague in 1882, where he begins to engage in public life.

The comic mentions the struggles over the manuscripts, the Hilsner affair, Masaryk's entry into politics, and finally his efforts leading to the independence of Czechoslovakia.

A significant part of the comic is devoted to Masaryk's activities during World War I and finally his presidential era.The comic uses the element of a narrator, Masaryk himself at a ripe old age, who retrospectively comments on his life. This element refers to Čapek's Conversations with TGM, which is an important source for part of the comic.

Tabulka velikostí

Objednávku (v ČR) Vám dodáme do 5 pracovních dní. Nejčastější doba dodání je 2 dny od objednání. Nejrychlejší dodání je na výdejny Zásilkovny.

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Veronika .

Jana P.


Jarmila J.

Helena D.

Jana V.

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