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T-shirt Closely watched trains

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Closely monitored trains. Hrabal's famous novel, but also Jiří Menzel's film, which was the first of ours to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. The young director made it in 1966 and cast the then not yet well-known Václav Neckar in the lead role, and managed to create an unforgettable work. You can now see the period poster for the film by Zdeněk Zálešák on our T-shirt.

Even though this is Menzel's first feature film, it did not affect its quality. The film is peppered with legendary lines and scenes, including the famous erotic "stamping" scene.
Did you know, for example, that Jiří Menzel himself holds the stamp? In addition, the film was included by the American Times critics in the list of the 100 best films of all time, and it is the only Czech (Czechoslovak) one.
Despite the film's qualities, few could see it in our country during the previous regime - it spent more than 20 years locked in a vault, from which it only emerged after the Velvet Revolution.

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velikost S,M,L,XL
barva bílá
gramáž 180 g/m2
složení 100% organická bavlna
střih unisex

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