Meda - my wonderful life

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The life story of Meda Mládková (1919-2022) is completely out of the ordinary in Czech history. It takes place in five countries and on two continents, on the geographical axis of Zákupy-Zeneva-Paris-Washington-Prague. It begins in the family of her despotic father, a brewer, and culminates in her position as a respected art collector and patron who helped the world discover one of the first abstract painters, František Kupka. Throughout her life, she has doggedly and courageously pursued her own path. When she fled Hitler and later the Communists, when she won the heart of her future husband, the co-founder of the International Monetary Fund, Jan Mládek, or when she supported oppressed Czech artists through her activities in exile and promoted their works in American and European galleries. After November, she returned to her homeland and donated her collection to Czech society. She also acquired and renovated an exhibition space for it - Prague's Sovovy mlýny (Owl Mills), which was transformed into the Kampa Museum. A symbol of her lifelong work. Meda Mládková died in May 2022 at the age of 102. Ondřej Kundra heads the home section of the weekly Respekt. As a journalist, he has long specialised in Czech politics and justice. For his investigative texts, he was awarded the Křepelka journalism prize and subsequently the Journalism Award.

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autor Ondřej Kundra
format 130x200 mm
nakladatelstvi Academia
pocet-stran 184
Šárka U.

Radim T.

Božena O.

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