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Illustrated Constitution of the Czech Republic

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What values does our country subscribe to? What rights does it guarantee to its citizens? Who does it legally protect us from and what does it require of us? Our Constitution speaks to all of this. The Illustrated Constitution of the Czech Republic is a practical book for every household. In an attractive and clear form, it will introduce you to the text of the Constitution of the Czech Republic and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, which clearly define the basic values of our country. In the book, every citizen can get acquainted with the rights guaranteed by the state and the obligations to which life in our country is bound. The book introduces the reader to how our country works, what it takes to change the laws, who can be a deputy and who can be a senator, or what happens when a president commits treason. Having one's own country, language or flag, being part of a democratic world, having allies, a legal system or a constitution are all important things that are far from a given and in the fight for the democratic shape of our country, many have paid for them with their lives. We appreciate this and feel it is important to know what rights our country guarantees its citizens, who it protects us from by law and what it requires of us. All this is the content of the Constitution of the Czech Republic. Until now, however, it has been published by publishers who have not taken care to make it attractive, and we have decided to change that. We hope you will enjoy the book and don't forget to read it too!


Year of publication: 2014

Authors: Jindřich Janíček, Nikola Klímová

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