The unbearable lightness of being

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The novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being was first published in French translation in 1984 in Paris by Gallimard, and in 1985 in Czech in Canada by Sixty-Eight Publishers. A story of love, of Therese and Thomas, of Sabina and Franz, of the lightness and heaviness of being... "After four years in Geneva, Sabina checked into Paris and could not recover from her melancholy. If someone had asked her what had happened to her, she would not have found the words. Life's drama can always be expressed in the metaphor of gravity. We say that a burden has fallen on a person. One carries that burden or doesn't carry it, falls under it, struggles with it, loses or wins. But what actually happened to Sabina? Nothing. She left a man because she wanted to leave him. Did he then pursue her? Did he take revenge on her? No, he didn't. Her drama was not one of heaviness, but of lightness. It was not the burden that fell on Sabina, but the unbearable lightness of being."

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Objednávku (v ČR) Vám dodáme do 5 pracovních dní. Nejčastější doba dodání je 2 dny od objednání. Nejrychlejší dodání je na výdejny Zásilkovny.

autor Milan Kundera
nakladatelstvi Atlantis
format 140x210 mm
pocet-stran 344
Roman Pešl R.

David H.

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