Marmalade jar

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Compotes, jams, cucumbers, but also mushrooms, nuts, corn... Czechs are able to preserve almost anything. And each of us has a large stock of jars of different shapes and sizes at home. But even jars that would have originally ended up in a container can have another use - as designer jars with the squeaky name strawberry or apricot. Ideal for lemonade, cocktails and even iced coffee. The glasses are prepared in the glass studio, thoroughly washed, the label is gently peeled off. Originally the jars were supposed to be thrown away, but this way they got another use. Food has been stored in glass since the 17th century, but parchment, cotton wool and paraffin are no longer needed to preserve it. We can even do without rubber seals. We favour metal and screw caps. Similarly, home preserving has long since become a hobby and now a modern trend.

material: glass

colour: clear

sandblasted inscription apricot or strawberry

glass height: 9 cm

volume: 230 ml

Table of sizes

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typ-sklenice jahodová,meruňková
Štítky recyklace, řemeslo, sklo, tradice
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